Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Fairy and the Door Mouse

There once was a Fairy named Crysta-bell who befriended a wee little Door Mouse. She lived in the hidden garden of Myrtle Creek in tiny little stone house.   
The humming birds drink sweet nectar, as dragonflies flutter about. Lady bugs visits the garden enjoying the flowers no doubt.
The sun rays always beams from above, as Crysta-bell sits in her garden of Love.

                           Here the Door Mouse has his den and hides a secrete treasures with in.
 With a tug of the door a drawer will appear, in which lies a treasures the fairy holds dear. 

A gift for my Granddaughter Crystal, may all your dreams come true. Know you are my treasure and I will always Love You. Wishing you a Happy Birthday with this gift and story, with much Love from your Gramma Laurie

Here's how this story begin with chipboard, gesso, a mask and sprays to create a tiny fairy house.
Then with cream colored paint and a small brush, a look of mortar was added between the bricks. 
 Thank you for peeking in on Crysta-bell and sharing her story
 and as always have a great day from Laurie